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Our Team of professionals conducts a thorough analysis to identify and solve any logistical or operational challenges for our clients. We are experts in our field and have a network of SMEs who can assist your organization.


Every organization strives to maintain their current market share and to expand their opportunities. We can assist you with your business development from preparing an estimate to conducting capture management. Get in touch to learn more about how we can work for you.


No project succeeds without detailed planning prior to and throughout the project. Spartan Logistics can provide you with planners who have decades of experience in the US and internationally.


We can provide you with experienced Project Managers who can effectively Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor and Control, and Close your projects.


We understand that the standup of a project is a critical phase of the operation. We can assist by providing a Team of experts to assist you in the early stages of the operation until you can recruit and hire your own Team of experts.


Need assistance with staffing for a short duration project or on a permanent basis? Let us assist you with your personnel needs. We have an extensive network of professionals we can call on to fill your requirements.


Our experienced team can serve as the “engine room” for your project. Let our Operations Specialists assist you in maximizing your project’s productivity. 


We can assist you with all of your logistics and operational management requirements. Our staff has extensive experience in managing projects and programs in the United States and internationally ranging in value from $15M to $200M


We, in conjunction with our partners, can provide the full spectrum of base operations and maintenance services, life support, and logistical services in any environment. Our services include lodging, fuel, water, HVAC, waste management, transportation, dining facilities, MWR, warehousing, and vehicle maintenance.


Often times when a project enters it’s closure phase, employees begin to look for other avenues of employment with a longer contract life. We have a Team that can assist your organization with those critical transition/ closure tasks.